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About Us

Truss Aluminium Factory a.s. (TAF) has been in the aluminium trussing industry since 1998. The TAF company has established itself at the world market in the field of aluminium trussing production during that time as one of the production leaders of high quality aluminium trusses in the world.

Our trussing systems are sold worldwide as the top products on the market. Typical features of our products such as variability, lightness, flexibility and user friendliness are the basic attributes that a good aluminium truss should have. TAF proudly supplies the market with products which go beyond these standard qualities.

The high-quality material together with strictly checked welding process, careful testing and high‑standard packing make the TAF products what they are.

TAF aluminum trusses are commonly used in a variety of different fields. Our products are easy to set up and give our customers great variety of possible installations. The TAF trussing systems are commonly used for all kinds of applications from small lighting designs, exhibition and display booths to a large scale stage structures. The trussing systems are used in entertainment, music and corporate events industries as well as by architects and designers.

Mission Statement

We strive each day to earn the trust of our customers, and ensure their peace of mind, by helping them meet their deadlines with consistent, timely delivery of safe, high-quality TAF products.


Establish TAF as an international, knowledgeable, full-service truss brand that keeps its promises.


We provide reliable, on-time delivery of our precisely manufactured, high-quality products that fully satisfy your needs and ensure the safety of your structures.

Truss on Time

  • TAF team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are ready to help you with any requests regarding production, quality, engineering and customer service.
  • Our high-standard customer service is our everyday commitment.
  • We can help you out with any specific designs that you have in mind.
  • Durable, flexible and versatile aluminium truss of any kind of connection type.
  • We use the following types of aluminium alloy in our production EN‑AW 6082 T6, EN‑AW 6060 T66 for the trussing segments and EN‑AW 2007 T4 for the CNC parts.
  • All the material used in our production is properly certified and each delivery thoroughly checked.
  • TAF uses over 60 tons of aluminium material every month.
  • Usage of semi-automatic cutting machines for cutting of the main tubes of the trussing segments and a fully automatic machines for cutting of (the) main tubes of the tubes for bracing gives us an advantage of speed and precision.
  • There is nothing unusual in application of high-quality tooling for welding in TAF factory.
  • We also supply CNC parts such as connectors, welding connectors, half‑connectors and many other aluminium trussing accessories. The CNC machines are standardly programmed mechanical devices used to fabricate metal components by the selective removal of metal from solid material.
  • All our products are carefully inspected for any defects, packed in 5-layer carton boxes, labeled and loaded to the truck. The system of triple control ensures that minimum defective pieces is dispatched from the factory.

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