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Croatian National TV Studio

Our distributor LAV Studio d.o.o. made great job in Croatia

After 30 years, Dnevnik Hrvatske radiotelevizije (Croatian National television News) is broadcasted in a new, modern Studio 12 that meets the latest world standards. The company Radionica statike made a detailed final design of lighting structures, TDK Bravarija made the elements for the acceptance of the structure on the reinforced concrete console, while the company Urbane ideje carried out a test load of the structure, all in accordance with public tender conditions.

We have delivered and installed the TAF (Truss Aluminium Factory) aluminium construction, whose exclusive distributors we are for Croatia. TAF is one of the world's leading companies engaged in the production and design of high quality aluminium structures, and their team consists of qualified and experienced professionals who are always ready to help and give an professional advice.

The aluminium construction is made of high quality aluminum alloy EN-AW 6082 T6, the model of aluminum segment is HT44 square cross section of 400 mm, which has high resistance to bending due to its characteristics-tubular profiles measuring 50x3 mm and transverse diagonal gratings measuring 25x3 mm. The construction carries elements of lighting (primarily studio, then evacuation and work), video (LED screen) and sound.

The dimensions of the aluminum construction are 22700 mm x 12855 mm, carried with seven 6250 mm high mast sections and two support steel sections. At the client's request, the entire construction was painted in RAL9005 with high quality „powder coating“ method.

The desired load capacity of 4000 kg was also achieved thanks to TAF's technology and many years of experience in designing aluminium constructions

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