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Directing Progress of TAF USA

Director of Operations Jiri Jakubec has been the driving force behind TAF USA since 2009, taking it to higher and higher levels of success over the years. With a strong customer base across North America, and further expansion planned in Central and South America, Jiri and his team are helping to increase the global presence of the TAF brand by making its high-quality products and services more accessible to customers in the Western Hemisphere.


  1. You’re the Director of Operations and co-owner of the TAF USA office, but are a Czech native. Can you tell us about your professional journey over the years and what led to your current role?


I was always a hard-working, self-driven entrepreneur with a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life. After earning my degree in Automobile Business Management, I started my first business in the Czech Republic. I was 18 years old at the time and operated my own taxi company.I successfully sold the company when I turned 21 and decided to move to USA to pursue my dream of becoming a professional airline pilot. Unfortunately, 2001 was the absolute worstime in history to start this particular career.


Eight years later, after managing business thaton the sale and distribution of consumer products, I accepted a new challenge that was presented to me by my current business partner, Jaroslav Rozboril, to help with the start-up and running of a new TAF office in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


  1. What challenges did you face when opening the TAF USA office and how did it develop over the years?


I believe our biggest challenge was the timing to start this type of business. We couldn’t picked a more difficult period than 2009. After all, the United States had just experienced a major collapse of the real estate market, followed by one of the biggest financial market and economic crisis in history. Despite this situation, we successfully built a successful, profitable enterprise from the ground up. Over the years, we have expanded our warehouse space to 20,000 square feet, in order to better serve our loyal customer base.


  1. Does your office offer the complete range of TAF products and services to your customers? What are the services you provide?


We carry a large variety of TAF products and distribute them across the America. We provide a full range of services for our customers, from “how to” advice with small setups to large custom projects that require extensive planning, static engineering and help from the global TAF team.


  1. The geographical areas you serve are North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Where are most of your current customers located and what types of projects do you normally handle?


Most of our customers are in the continental U.S. We design anything from trade show booths to custom roofs and stage systems. We’ve integrated TAF aluminum truss into car washes, VR arcades and Ninja gym setups.


  1. What products in the TAF portfolio are the most popular for your customers?


Our FT34 truss line is the most popular. Since we’re based in the USA, bolted truss is also a very popular product. We have been fortunate to build a large customer base who see the quality of our stage desks and keep coming back for our truss accessories.


  1. Your office plans to further expand its customer base in Central and South America. What types of customers are you seeking there? How do you plan to increase awareness and demand of TAF products and services in these areas?


We are looking to partner with well-established companies in those regions. It’s important that our partners have a good reputation for integrating or distributing products within our industry and focus on providing a high level of customer service. We look forward to serving Central and South American customers who value the high quality of our products.


  1. Can you tell us about your future plans for TAF USA?


Our focus will continue to be on growing our office and customer base, together with strengthening awareness of TAF as an innovative truss brand that leads the industry in the manufacture of the highest quality truss and support structures.


  1. With your busy schedule, do you still have time for your hobbies and other interests?


I am a very active person, dedicating most of my time to business activities and my family. In my free time, I enjoy various sports that include swimming, biking, and playing golf. I really like being outdoors. You can often find me hiking, camping, and scuba diving. I also volunteer as a referee for my son’s swim meets and team activities.


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