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Temporary units, tents, roofs, halls available to save more lives

03. 04. 2020

TAF is well aware of the world-wide situation with the COVID pandemia and that is why, based on the company’s long experience in manufacturing temporary structures for event industry, we would like to take part in the fight against it. We can offer our skills and production capacities in order to help to save lives.


We are able to produce and deliver temporary units from trussing structures for whatever purpose is needed from small 3x3m (10x10ft) units to large scale temporary tents, roofs or halls. The traditional advantage of aluminium truss structures, modality, comes to play the main role in customizing temporary  hospitality places with respect to their sizes and designs based on your requests.


We can accomodate the structures with proper cover in order to ensure their complete functionality in both indoor and outdoor installations.


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