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Pre-Rig Truss

Pre-Rig truss is a step towards professional rigging of show equipment. The touring trusses significantly decrease time and space requirements for succesful rigging of any equipment.
TAF Static Approved CEPowder coating available
TAF Truss Aluminium | Pre-Rig Truss

Pre-Rig or touring truss is a great choice for professional riggers. There are two versions of touring trusses in our portfolio. Both of them have fork connectors for segments attachment. Each type can be equipped with a specific version of transport dolly that makes it easier to move the pre-rig trusses around even with the equipment fixed to it. The greatest advantage of touring truss is the possibility to fix the show equipment to it in a comfortable height including wiring. once the equipment is installed it can be left in the trusses for the entire season as the pre-rig trusses are easily stackable and can be used for storing the show material as well.

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